All studs are health tested + AKC registered


Zelle X Rapunzel

Royce is our micro new shade Isabella and tan stud. He is one of the smallest new shade Isabellas in the world. He has a clear health panel and incredible structure. This boy is absolutely stunning in person, and has ICE blue eyes. 

DNA: At/At, b/b, co/co, d/d, N/S
Stud fee: $6,500


Thomas Cook X Trixie

Benji is our stud who has it ALL. Incredible size and structure! He also carries testable chocolate, non testable chocolate, merle, cream, and L4 fluffy. Benji can produce any color pattern out there when bred to the right female. His most recent litter produced full suites carrying EVERYTHING.He can produce   platinum fluffy Isabellas, new shade merle fluffys, and more! Benji is a great stud to help advance any program with structure and the best genetics out there. Benji is eye catching with his merle blue eyes.   

DNA: AT/a, B/b, n/co, d/d, E/en/EM, S/S, L/l4, N/DM

Stud Fee: $10,000

Louis V

Zelle X Rapunzel

As I write this, Louis V is the ONLY new shade merle stud carrying L/1 fluffy in the world with no pied or brindle. With rare DNA often comes size and structure far less than ideal. Customized Bullies stayed ahead when incorporating color because we focused on size, structure, and health first. Our program was built off of a 19 pound once in a blue moon daughter who has passed her size and structure off to all of our foundation dogs. We can confidently say that Louis V is rare, but his size and structure on a dog with this DNA is second to none! Louis V can produce new shade Isabella merle fluffy frenchies and new shade Isabella fluffy frenchies. Some of the most rare French Bulldog colors in the world. Louis V also has a clear health panel.  

DNA: At/At, b/b, co/co, d/d, EM/EM, L1

Stud fee: $10,000 early lock-in for the first 5 customers. Only 1 lock in left at this price.  


Coco X Bullion

Captain was our first Customized stud! He is also off of our Once in a Blue Moon lines. He has produced incredible foundation dogs over the years.

DNA: At/At, Co/co, d/d, EM/EM, N/S

Stud Fee: $3,500 


Dr. Seuss X RVCA

Keegan is a direct Dr. Seuss son. He is a perfect example of micro size + structure done right. This boy is truly in a league of his own. 

Stud Fee: $3,500

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