All foundation females were picked with an overall goal in mind. Only the best of the  best were produced to keep our program at the top. Size, structure, temperament, health, and DNA were all carefully selected through selective breeding. 

Customized Rapunzel

Trixie X Mr. Attitude

Rapunzel is a Mr. Attitude daughter. She is off of our foundation female Trixie. Trixie stamped her size and structure on Rapunzel. She carries testable chocolate, co/co, and d/d, making her a producer of “new shade Isabella.” Her visible new shade fluffy carrier puppies have sold for 100k + and will have a major impact on the frenchie world as they will be some of the first new shade fluffy + new shade merle fluffy producers in the world.

Customized Daphne 

Trixie X Mr. Attitude

Daphne is another Mr. Attitude daughter we kept back for our program. She is one of the most structurally sound French Bulldogs I have ever seen. She is another female that will continue to have a major impact on the French Bulldog world moving forward. 


Coco is the female that started it all for us. She is a must see in person. Small, compact, and extremely athletic. We knew we wanted to produce our color lines building off of a female as structurally sound as her. She is a Floyd daughter, who is son to the infamous “Once in a Blue Moon.” With an overall goal of size, structure, and rare color in mind, we started our new shade isabella + fluffy line.

Customized Rosé

Rapunzel X Zelle

Rose is a new shade isabella + tan carrying L1 fluffy. She is off our Rapunzel X Zelle breeding. We can’t wait to see the new shade isabella fluffy French Bulldogs this girl produces.


Lola is our lilac and tan girl carrying cream. She is another female with a small & compact frame. One of the most muscled up & athletic frenchies we have ever encountered.

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