French Bulldogs are around 11″ to 13″ tall. Their weight can range between 16 to 28 pounds. French Bulldogs are the perfect companion dogs, and with their small size they can easily go wherever you go. They are loyal, sociable, and extremely friendly. At Customized Bullies we focus on the health of our Frenchies, ensuring that they don’t have any breathing problems. All of our Frenchies enjoy swimming, hiking, and playing with other animals of all sizes. One of the top reproductive vets in the world recently complimented the nares and health of the French Bulldogs we’ve produced. With health and structure being our overarching goal, we have been able to slowly introduce rare colors to the health and structure we already have in our program.

Customized Bullies was the first to create a new shade Isabella + tan merle French Bulldog stud that carried L1 fluffy in the United States. Another big accomplishment over at Customized Bullies is “Milli” a rare new shade Isabella and tan Frenchie carrying the fluffy gene, that sold for $100,000. In addition, we also sold “Million Dollar Gracie” who has been featured in several press releases. To back our successful French Bulldog program we recently signed NFL star Deebo Samuel as a partner.

Our XL Bullies are undeniably gorgeous, and we are fortunate to share that with the world. Customized Camo recently won Best XL at only 10 months old. Many of our XL Bullies are featured on social media fan pages, and also the cover photos for those fan pages as the golden standard for what an XL Bully should be. Customized Bullies also produced Kota now owned by MBK. Kota won best XL female in a recent competition against some of the best XL females in the world.

Breeding the best dogs in the world is our passion, and we couldn’t be happier to share that with you. Every detail at Customized Bullies is carefully studied to ensure you are getting the best quality out there. We spend hours doing our research and we hope to help answer all of your questions and show you why we are the chosen program time and time again.

With love,

Sabrina Owner of Customized Bullies

Customized Bullies
Cave Junction, Oregon

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